Welcome to The Carolina Carriage Club

Welcome to Carolina Carriage Club.  We are a small group of drivers who share the passion of a carriage and a horse.  Our members drive everything from minis to drafts, donkeys and mules to thoroughbreds, easy entry pipe carts to antique vehicles. 

We usually have one driving or learning opportunity each month.  These are open to all members.  We require helmets at all of our drives and clinics.  We do allow hats for dressage and for our annual Pleasure Show.

We have 2 major events each year, the CCC Driving Trial in May at Windridge Farm in Mooresboro, NC and the Pleasure Driving and Dressage Show in Tryon in September.  We hope that all of our members will either show or volunteer for these events. 

We communicate in a variety of ways, hoping to reach all of our members.  We use a mail service called MailChimp; have a Face Book page and a yahoo group.  When you send your email with your entry, you will be added to the MailChimp list.  You can add yourself to the Face book group and the yahoo group.  We also have calendar, events results, classified and other items of interest on this website.

Are you a new member or new driver?  Would you like a mentor?  That would be someone to call to discuss an upcoming event, someone who knows the local resources, a buddy at an event or meeting.  Are you an old hand at CCC and driving?  Want to mentor someone?  Let anyone on the board know and we will be happy to hook up folks.

The nominal Club dues are $40 per year, for an individual or a family membership.  For those residing 100 miles or more from the Columbus/Tryon area, dues are $15.  You don’t even have to own a horse – social members are welcomed.  The Club holds quarterly meetings, with pitch-in dinners and a club sponsored educational program.

For more information, email: membership@carolinacarriageclub.com