About the Carolina Carriage Club

Carolina Carriage Club members participating in a Pleasure Show

The Carolina Carriage Club, based in Western North Carolina and South Carolina, is one of the oldest driving clubs of the eastern United States. The club consists of a small group of drivers who share the passion of the combination of carriage and horse, and in some cases VSEs, donkeys or mules. In combination with their equine, members use everything from beautiful antique vehicles to easy entry pipe carts. Click here to view locations where we commonly gather for driving events.

As stated in our Bylaws, the purpose of the Club “is to encourage and promote the sport of carriage driving through education, participation, and the practice of safety.” We strive to make everyone, members and equine partners, feel welcome and safe by offering encouragement and support to the beginning and advanced driver.

We support a variety of clinics, pleasure drives, educational meetings and volunteer opportunities in the community. We host an annual Pleasure Show, now on it’s 25th year in Tryon, NC. In addition, the Club holds quarterly meetings with potluck meals, and an end-of-year holiday party and gift exchange.

Become a member today to join us in the elegant and historic sport of carriage driving. Nominal Club dues are $40 per year for an individual or $60 for a family, and $5 for a non-voting junior member. For those residing 100 miles or more from the Columbus/Tryon, NC area, dues are $15. Equine ownership is not required; social members are welcome.

It could be said that Carriage Driving is the oldest equestrian discipline, since humans were hitching horses to various wheeled vehicles long before they rode astride.

Carriage Driving events are not just colorful reminders of the past; they are highly competitive events demanding great concentration on the part of the driver and equally great agility and strength from the horses.

You can learn more about Carriage Driving by joining us at a Carolina Carriage Club meeting or driving event, or by checking out the homepage of the American Driving Society.

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